Social Activities

We want students to enjoy their experience at the firm, and we believe the key to a happy, successful and gratifying work life is a supportive, friendly environment.  Part of that is getting out, having fun and getting to know the people that you work with. You will have the opportunity to participate in the many social events and functions that are held each year, many of which are organized by the firm`s Recreation Club. These include firm dinners, retreats, seasonal parties, law league softball and casual Friday afternoon get-togethers. Everyone in the firm is encouraged to take part in outside social, athletic, charitable and community activities. These social events enhance our work environment overall and give everyone a chance to form solid working relationships and personal friendships.

The Associates' Retreat

Each year, with the support of the partners of Patterson Law, the associates, students and clerks of Patterson Law organize and attend a retreat.  This retreat is an opportunity for the more junior members of our firm to get to know each other to build upon our firm’s emphasis on team building and to share in experiences and knowledge.  In the past few years our associates, students and clerks have ziplined over the scenery in Pictou, rafted on the Tidal Bore in Shubenacadie and relaxed on Oak Island.   
Here are some photos of those adventures

Fall Party

In the fall of each year the firm organizes a Fall Party at the home of one of the staff, associates or partners of Patterson Law where all staff, associates and partners are invited for an evening to celebrate. The feature of this evening is the ever popular Huggly Awards, organized by our managing partner, Dennis James. These awards humorously reflect on the year's highlights within the firm and includes a "What the !@%$ Were You Thinking? Award" and the "DAC Techie Award".
Here are some photos of past Fall parties

Spring Party

Each spring the firm organizes a Spring Party at the home of one of the staff, associates or partners of Patterson Law.  This event welcomes spouses of the Patterson Law family.  The event proves to be one where the extended family of Patterson Law can meet, mingle and let their hair down a little.
Here are some photos of past Spring parties

Holiday Party

Patterson Law celebrates the holidays by bringing together the staff, associates or partners of Patterson Law to reflect on the past year and enjoy an elegant evening each year in December.  Although the venue and format has changed over the years, the highlight of the evening includes recognizing the contribution of staff to the firm with the long term service awards.  In 2011, the Holiday Party included dinner followed by a casino night featuring blackjack, poker and even plinko. 
Here are some photos of this event

Community Involvement

Patterson Law and the individuals who are part of the Patterson Law family are highly active in the community both individually and as a group.  While individual members are often board members, volunteers or fundraisers for various community organizations, it is not unusual for the Patterson Law family to also band together to make a large community impact, while having fun along the way. For example, members of the firm regularly organize fundraising lunches, auctions and 50/50 tickets.  However, some of the more unique ideas have resulted in staff, associates and partners growing mustaches, shaving their heads, and even getting pied in the face.
Here are photos of the fun side of Patterson Law’s community involvement