Estate Planning

Though it can be an uncomfortable topic for some, estate planning is a key element in sound financial management of your personal and business assets.  Whether you are 25 or 75, there is a sense of ease and security that comes with knowing that your affairs are in order.

For generations, our lawyers have provided a full suite of personal and business estate planning and management services. A comprehensive Estate Plan means that, in addition to a will, a power of attorney and a personal directive, all related issues, including taxation, financial management, trust provisions, business and succession planning, and real estate are considered. Trusts can be valuable tools in planning for the transfer of assets, for creditor protection and protection from unreasonable claims, for tax planning, for insurance proceeds and for charitable purposes. 

We can assist in the resolution of disputes involving trusts, wills and estates. We can advise on all aspects of family law relating to estates, including divorce, separation and in proceedings with respect to division of matrimonial assets. We are experienced in all aspects of personal taxation and estate planning. We advise clients on structuring and implementing a family trust, structuring and implementing estate freeze reorganizations, planning for inter-generational wealth transfers, including foreign assets, cottage succession plans, and tax-effective will planning.

Our Tax and Estate Planning Group has many years of experience helping professionals manage their wealth and get the most out of their professional corporations.

Our lawyers are experienced in guiding Estates through the Probate Court process, if necessary, and will ensure appropriate probate planning, including possible probate avoidance.

In response to the need for localized executor and trustee services, we also offer professional Executor and Trustee Services. The arrangements for an Estate and for Testamentary Trusts established under an Estate may require expert management or advice or longer term oversight. We have the expertise, resources and established community presence to attend to the administration of Estates and of Trusts, and ensure that they are managed by an impartial professional with the requisite legal and legislative knowledge. This ensures the permanency of arrangements and means that family members may be spared the full burden of estate administration.