Co-operative Law

At Patterson Law, we recognize that co-ops are different. Co-ops are governed by unique legislation and guided by the democratic principle. Co-ops have priorities and meet challenges that are different from the broader private sector. Co-ops provide a different way for people with common goals to work together.

The lawyers in our Co-operative Law Practice Group have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the co-op sector and the legal issues unique to co-ops as a result of their years of service to co-ops large and small, including as legal counsel to the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council.

Patterson Law is also a member of the national CoopZone Legal Network, a network of Canadian legal advisors who share knowledge and experience in the co-op sector.  Along with our own research and continuing legal education initiatives, Patterson Law’s participation in the network ensures our lawyers are current with the latest challenges and innovative solutions available to address legal issues facing co-ops.

Whether your co-op is an employee, consumer, housing or supplier co-operative, a buying group, a Community Economic Development Investment Fund, or a co-operative for a particular purpose (such as for a community utility or a commonly owned property) it can benefit from the comprehensive, holistic advice of the Patterson Co-operative Law Practice Group.

For more details on the legal services Patterson Law can provide to your co-op, please review our brochure Legal Services for Co-operatives.