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Our last article was the first part of the case summary of Antrim Truck Centre Ltd v Ontario (Transportation), 2013 SCC 13, in which we summarized the facts and judicial history of the decision, and began the summary of the Supreme Court of Canada’s analysis. This is the second part...

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On March 7, 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in Antrim Truck Centre Ltd v Ontario (Transportation), 2013 SCC 13, allowing the appeal and overturning the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal.  Our case summary of the Ontario Court of Appeal decision was posted on October 15, 2012.  With the blog-medium in mind, this case summary will be broken into two parts in order to keep the articles to a reasonable length...

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On October 15, 2012, we posted a summary of Antrim Truck Centre Limited v Ontario (Transportation), 2011 ONCA 419 noting that at that time, the case was under appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada...

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Once the appraiser has determined the highest and best use of the land, the next step is to determine the price that such land would bring on the open market. The most common method used by appraisers is the Direct Comparison Approach...

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In our last blog entry, we looked at the “Highest and Best Use” analysis in determining the market value of land in the expropriation context. This article is intended to expand upon the principles in that article.

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The highest and best use of land is the cornerstone of determining its market value.  This conclusion must be reached before the remainder of the appraisal analysis can be undertaken.  Quite simply, if the highest and best use conclusion is incorrect, the ultimate conclusion reached on market value stands little chance of being correct.  The highest and best use analysis is the one area which forensic appraisers frequently fail to consider in proper depth...

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Expropriation legislation in all Canadian jurisdictions requires that expropriated landowners be compensated for the land taken from them.  The underlying theory of land compensation is the concept of “market value”.  This requires an objective assessment of what the land taken was worth on the date of expropriation. 

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Expropriation legislation in Canada typically contains special “home-for-a-home” provisions whose principle objective is to ensure that the expropriated land owner is not left without a primary residence for his or her family.  This article will deal specifically with the Nova Scotia Legislation.
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Case summary of Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority v Dell Holdings Ltd, [1997] 1 SCR 32
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The Patterson Law expropriation team offers clients a well-established and experienced group of professionals able to provide representation on any issue related to expropriation cases. Our practice is national in scope and we regularly act for landowners, businesses and expropriating authorities. We are experienced in all aspects of expropriation law, including the expropriation process, the discovery process, the retention of appropriate expert witnesses, trials and appellate work. Landowner Representation We regularly represent expropriated landowners in all aspects of expropriation cases, including compensation for land taken, injurious affection, business loss, disturbance damages, etc. Expropriating Authority Representation We act for municipalities in the expropriation of land required for municipal purposes in all aspects of expropriation, including the expropriation process, negotiations with...