Meg Green joins Patterson Law Real Estate Team

When lawyers take a hands-on approach to property law, clients enjoy the best outcomes. Patterson Law’s property law team is welcoming Meg Green this July, an experienced lawyer who shares the team’s hands-on values.

“I think it’s important to have a close relationship with clients,” says Meg. “This especially holds true in real estate because the transactions are large and, often, quite personal.”

According to partner Jane Gourley-Davis from Patterson Law’s property team, the firm’s lawyers handle many of the transactions rather than assigning the majority to staff, a too-common practice in real estate law. “We take a different approach. Our clients appreciate that our lawyers actively work on the files, that the real estate lawyer they hired and trust is doing the majority of the work.”

Jane says the firm’s success can be shared with its dedicated team of staff, many of whom have been at the firm for decades. “These staff are an invaluable resource, sharing in the workload to keep fees lower for clients and moving transactions through efficiently.”

Meg Green's customer service background makes her a strong match for Patterson Law’s real estate group. Like her new team, she values accuracy and speed but understands client service is the key to better outcomes on real estate transactions. “It’s at the core of everything I do,” says Meg.

Patterson Law’s managing partner, George White, is confident in Meg’s abilities to solve problems for clients, the main requirement for any lawyer joining the firm. “Meg is a first-rate problem-solver for her clients. She doesn’t believe in the phrase ‘I don’t know’.”

Meg will be starting her practice at Patterson Law at the beginning of July. In addition to real estate law, Meg will also manage some wills and estate work and some family law files. Meg is coming from Nyajeka Green Law in Dartmouth, having previously worked as a lawyer in Ottawa.

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